4 Cards Using One Sheet Wonder Template✂

Hello friends! I hope you’ve enjoyed your weekend! We’ve had such beautiful weather and it was nice to be out in it! Warm temps are soon to follow, so I know I’ll be crafting indoors then!

Today, I’m sharing something I did for a challenge a couple of months ago and really enjoyed the process of just creating using a single sheet of pretty floral papers in my stash. Have you ever heard of or tried the “One Sheet Wonder” method?

I only have this ‘overhead shot’ of all the cards I made because I wasn’t blogging at this time, but if you notice in each one of these cards, I have used the same floral pattern in each one. I’ve pulled out a single 6×6 piece of decorative paper from the Farmhouse Floral Paper Pad.

For the top and bottom left cards, you can see that I’ve used the diagonal pieces from the *”One Sheet Wonder” template. For the top one, I’ve just used an image and sentiment from the Farmhouse Friends stamp set. For the bottom card, I actually cut out a floral image from another piece of the same paper pad I’ve used for the template as the focal for my design. (It’s a great way to use up more of the scraps you may have!)

(*See the diagram below for how I cut out a template from the 6×6 sheet to use on my cards.)

For the top and bottom right cards, I’ve taken a couple of the strips cut from the *”One Sheet Wonder” template and then made it my own by cutting it up for a banner and then just separating in half to make a unique design on my card. The top one uses the Eggcellent Gnomes stamp set and the bottom one uses the Take Flight stamp set.

Basically, all I needed to do was sit with my pattern paper and match up the colors to create cards with. It was a great thing to have as a starting point with just a piece of pattern paper in my hand. So if you’re struggling a bit, this is great way to get going! Give it a try!

Here’s the template that I used of the cut out pieces from the one 6×6 sheet of pattern paper. Please feel free to use this as an idea for yourself to get started.

Another idea that I used for this one is that this floral pattern has several different colors in it to work from, so I was able to choose a different color for each of my cards. I believe I could’ve gotten even more than just the 4 cards too!

Hope you’ve enjoyed my post today sharing a little tip for you when you might be struggling! I’ve learned that just getting started can be half the battle sometimes!🤔 Thanks for dropping in and I’ll see you again soon!!

25 thoughts on “4 Cards Using One Sheet Wonder Template✂

  1. I’ve never tried the one sheet wonder but have heard of it. I love ALL the cards you did using this. The paper is so pretty too.


  2. Great collection of cards Vicki, I’ve soon the one sheet wonder before, it’s a lot of fun! Have a great day dear friend!


  3. One sheet wonders are such a great change of pace for cardmaking. Yours are lovely and i like how you managed to make them look so different. Have a great day!


  4. Gosh, I think that is so clever and you would not know that only 1 sheet of 6×6 was used..I use 2 sheets as my cards are 6×6, one of the outside and one on the inside, and another one if I layer, so that is three sheets…..your cards are just beautiful and I love the cute smiling chicken, and the papers are gorgeous, I love florals, great designs Vicki..

    Luv CHRISSYxx


  5. Gorgeous cards Vicki! I love the floral paper you used! I need to remember to do this because I make multiple cards at a time for donation and I have SO much paper! 🙂
    Hugs, Tammy


  6. Getting started is the best advice when I’m struggling with making cards! What a fantastic way to utilize your paper pads by making 4 cards from your template. I used to do one-sheet wonder cards from 12×12 papers back when I was actively making cards for OWH, but I make many fewer cards today. These designs are all cute, and I especially like the butterfly card with the banners! NJ on all of them 🙂


  7. Love the 6 x 6 OSW – I like to use the 6 x 6 really more than the 12 x 12. very nice collection of cards and like how each one is so different. Great job and great inspiration.


  8. What a wonderful job you have done with your one sheet of floral paper, Vicki!! These are so lovely!!


  9. This is such a great idea and one I adopted after reading your previous post. Now I have a file folder full of scraps from every sheet of paper I’ve cut in the intervening weeks. lol I haven’t sat and made 4 cards at a time but I have reached into that folder of left over papers many times to use up those scraps. Thanks for helping me organize how I do the cuts from the very first time.


  10. Haven’t done this in years, how fun. We move on from one thing to another so quickly and leave all these fabulous idea’s behind. Thanks for reminding me of this, I love your cards, and that paper is so pretty. Each one so different and so beautiful.



  11. That little chicken is the best! I like your idea of a starting point. I find that I start and then slam the breaks and then repeat. But I can always count on you and a few others others to motivate me. Thank you for your sweet comment on my mermaid card saying I inspired you, made me laugh because that background was inspired by your cards.

    Enjoy your Father’s Day and have a wonderful week.

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  12. This is a great tip to get the most out of a loved DP as well as reducing to stash of leftover pieces. Beautiful cards, all of them, I especially love the gnome.


  13. A fun idea to use the one piece and what a fabulous job you’ve done of it. So very pretty and absolutely beautiful x.


  14. You always have the best ideas! Only you could make scraps look so good! Love these beautiful creations! Hope you are well…hugs!


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