Week One – ICAD 2018

Happy Friday!  Wanted to stop in with a quick post to share with you what I’ve been up to with my daily creating this past week for the start of the ICAD 2018 challenge!  I go into my stamp studio/room each day to use the prompts/themes given and use this as a basis (or not) to create something on an index card every day up until we’ve done 61 days all together! You can click on the link above for information in case you’d like to join in the fun too!  When I finish, I post it to the ICAD FB group and there is so much inspiration from everyone else that it just makes it a really fun experience.


I have enjoyed the process of being able to just play on a small piece of card as to not have it be so intimidating and gives you the freedom to just “play around” with your craft stash!  This is how I am storing/displaying my index cards:


Since the index cards already have a hole in the corner, I am using a metal ring to keep the finished cards all together in one place.  The first one is the “cover” that I’ve made for this year’s ICAD challenge.  I am not supposed to share the “prompts” or “themes” given so that if you are curious enough or want to try yourself, you can CLICK HERE to see all about it!

So since the first week is finished and the second week has already started, I will share what I’ve done for the first week’s cards:


I enjoyed playing with different media and some that I’ve already had and tried in new and fun ways!  I even attemped to draw my own image which I never do!  I love using both the prompts and themes for a starting point especially since I would be stuck not knowing where to start without them.  And since it’s an index card….so what if I “mess up”, but I have decided that no matter what, I’m not throwing it away or startin over…it’s just how it happens to turn out on that day.  I also made notes and have a date stamp for the back of the cards so that I know the prompt, theme and media used for the card on that day.  I may even use notes about how I was feeling.  I’m also looking forward to seeing how I progress throughout this challenge each week.  Hope you are too!

I am also going to have an additional challenge since I’m headed off this weekend to a stamp convention in Collinsville, IL!  I have taken some items with me so that I can continue with the daily challenges.  I’m excited about going and look forward to meeting a fellow crafty friend or two while I’m there! 🙂

Wishing you a wonderful Summer weekend my friends and thanks for dropping in!

15 thoughts on “Week One – ICAD 2018

  1. 61 days??? oh my gosh! I cant even imagine. Looks like you’re off to a great start – love these! You have such a good knack for things like this – thanks for sharing! See you tomorrow!!!


  2. What a wonderful idea and they all look fantastic! Love the Halloween one. So much fun. I wish I could get my mind geared up to do something like this every day.


  3. These little cards are all so fun! I might have to check this out. I am currently reorganizing my craft space, so I can’t really commit to much. Have a good weekend!


  4. You are one very dedicated artist to continue with this for 2 months! It looks like you’re off to a great start too with these cards! I especially like the ferris wheel card – it reminds me of summers growing up 🙂 Enjoy your stamping getaway!


  5. These look awesome Vicki! I love how different and beautiful they all are! I love the Sparkle and Shine one, it reminds me of fireworks and the Halloween one is so cute!
    Hugs, Tammy


  6. This looks like such fun, Vicki!! Kind of an enlarged version of ATCs! Looks like you are off to an inspired start!! What a treasure you will have when you complete the 61 days!!


  7. Oh, Vicki, these are marvelous! Wish I had time to do some of these but my summer travels are starting and I’ll be in and out for the next 6 weeks without any idea if I’ll have any crafting time. 😦


  8. Love this idea, when I have some spare time on my hands I would like to give this a whirl, maybe next time around! Love all your index cards, you are so creative! Enjoy your stamping convention, that sounds fun! Have a great weekend! xx


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