A Quick Message

Hello friends! Just want to apologize for my abscence here, but I have come down with a severe flu and it has knocked me out!  My hubby brought it home from work Friday and we have been battling with it ever since.  My energy is completely zapped.  Hopefully we will get better soon now that we have meds from doctor.  If you are sick, please stay home.

I will be back as soon as I possibly can!  Thanks for your kind support!

22 thoughts on “A Quick Message

  1. Sorry to hear you have the flu- glad the medication is making it a bot better. Rest up and hope you feel better quickly! Will keep you in thoughts and prayers!


  2. Sorry to hear you have been poorly Vicki ….get well soon….Sending hugs x
    Super cute image and adorable card x


  3. Seems like the flu kicked your butt, so sorry. Love this little image – sure brings memories of spring/summer. Speaking of which I am so ready for. Glads to see you back.


  4. So glad you’re passed the worst of that yucky bug hunny! I had an awful flu last year, knocked me sideways for an entire week! Ate nothing for 5 days running! (Dang shame, I never lost a pound though!! LOL) Stunning creation sweets, love the green, and the gorgeous woodgrain paper. Your colouring is DELISH!! Healing hugs, Wends xoxo


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