Time to Move On…

Hello friends!  It’s a sad/happy good-bye today.

I wasn’t sure weather or not I was going to be typing this up at the beginning of this year or not, but with the way the world has been with covid, it actually has given me a reason to “put this off” for a while.

I had actually planned on making this post last year around the time my husband retired from his job as we had lots of plans and my time would be occupied with other things besides having a blog, being on design teams, etc.  When covid happened, it really haulted most all of our plans and was really disappointing, but hopefully now with vaccines coming shortly we can “get back” to some type of normal soon.  We still plan on continuing with our plans as we get closer to those goals we set ourselves and we look forward to enjoying our lives!

That’s the “happy” part of this post is the looking forward to what’s coming and the enjoyment of life together with my husband… but the sad part is saying good-bye to all of my wonderful and faithful friends that have followed me here and everywhere I’ve been on the Internet for several years.  I thank you SO MUCH for your kind support, friendship and inspiration that you’ve always given and I will miss that most of all for sure.

But in talking with my husband, it’s time for me to say good-bye to my blog and being on design teams along with struggling to try and post something when I probably won’t have the time or material to keep a blog going in the near future.  I’ve had a blog for the most part on different platforms since 2006 and that’s quite a while to be doing this.  I’ve had so many different experiences, made so many different projects and have met and made so many different crafty friends.  It’s been such a rememberable experience in so many different ways and I’m thrilled you have come along and touched my journey in some way.  It was meant to be, but now it’s time for me to move on.  (No, I won’t be coming back this time.)

No, I will not be giving up crafting all together.  As long as I have time to set aside for crafting, I will continue to do it, but it won’t be enough to keep up with a blog and it will be a very random thing.  So I’m not giving up crafting, just having a blog or social media accounts.

I will have this stampedsmiles.com domain until the end of May.  After that point, this blog will revert to stampedsmiles.wordpress.com if you care to see anything after that point. I will not be on Instragram any longer nor have a Facebook Page.  Just my personal account and that’s all.

In the words of a REO Speedwagon song…”I know it hurts to say good-bye, but it’s time for me to fly.”

Happy crafting, stay healthy and happy sweet people!💗💗💗

28 thoughts on “Time to Move On…

  1. I am so sad to see you go, you were always a great support and friend l’ve come to know with inspiring ideas, but l am happy you’re getting to live your life the way you planned with your favourite person, and for that l am truly thrilled for you. Here’s wishing you the very best and a big hug xx


  2. I’m going to miss you more than you can imagine, Vicki! It’s been nearly 10 years since I started blogging and early on, I began visiting your blog. It’s been a real pleasure serving together on the DTs we shared. I am really going to miss your posts, the inspiration you always provided, and the great step-by-step instructions you always gave.
    I am wishing you the greatest future, my friend, and enjoy the retirement time with hubby! But please, don’t tell us you’ll never return. That thought is just too unbearable. Perhaps someday, you’ll no longer be traveling and/or you’ll just miss all of us so much that you find you want to return. We’ll be here waiting for you. 😀 Hugs.


  3. With sadness I read your post, you will truly be missed in the blogging world. But I can understand that you want to enjoy some good times with hubby. It was such a pleasure to meet you in person in Collinsville (as well as your mom). So nice to call you friend. Enjoy and never say never!!! Hugs


  4. Awww….sweet friend – I’ve been half expecting and half dreading this post since your hubby retired! I’ve given a lot of thought lately to what I will do when my man finally says he’s done with work, and I think it will be much like yours. We get into so many deadlines with DT’s and things, that sometimes, we forget to just enjoy making cards, and spending time with loved ones. I will miss you SO very much! I’ll have to stalk you when you ‘move’ in June. Maybe you’ll get to post photos of travels and adventures, and a card now and then! I wish you only good things – seemis I’ve ‘known’ you forever! This can’t bee good-by, only ‘until we meet again’. Enjoy your handsome man, your time together, and creating when you feel pulled to do so! Love you dear friend!


  5. Vicki I wish you all the best I have loved following you and I will miss your blog post but go fly and enjoy your life and time with hubby take care stay safe xx


  6. Happy blog retirement:) Thanks for all the inspiration over the years, I’ve admired your work and especially fabulous coloring and inking skills. Wishing you all the best for your future adventure.


  7. So sorry that you will leave us, but I wish you and your hubby a beautiful life after Covid 19. Will miss your fab projects and also your lovely comments.
    All the best with your new adventures!
    Dutch hugs,
    xxx Margreet


  8. Hello Vicki,
    your decision is bold but perfectly understandable. Working on the blog and in many DTs is a great duty, and you have been working this way since 2006. Thank you for so much great inspiration and so many happy cards. Hopefully you can create something and blog it to share your creativity with us. Many thanks and many joyful and amazing moments with my husband. I’m not writing, goodbye, because I hope you will show us something new 🙂 Good luck, Vicki and a happy New Year!
    hugs, BożenA


  9. I haven’t known you for long Vicki,but have come to think of you as a good friend,I love visiting and reading your posts and seeing your inspirational designs.Wishing you both all the best for the future.Meg xx


  10. This is the first post I have read this year – catching up on things yet again. I completely understand and have had these same feelings before. I will definitely follow you at your wordpress if/when you decide to post. Do you by chance have a Pinterest that I could follow? I’m on that more than anything else – I too have just about given up on FB and Insta. And seeing what inspires you could inspire me.

    I’m so glad I found you and I want you to know you have inspired me.

    Enjoy your new life and I wish you all the best!!


  11. Although I’m super sad to see you go, I am a huge believer in dreams and goals, so you have to do do what’s right for you. There’s no perfect time than the present, my friend. I so appreciate your online friendship and camaraderie – you are one talented lady and I’m so proud to have met you and call you my friend. As Carol G said above, Fly, Girl, Fly! Enjoy hubby’s retirement with him! Big hugs!


  12. Gosh, I don’t know what to say, except I’m really sad, but you must do what you must do, and I wish you all the very best for the future in whatever endeavors and adventures you do..good luck, stay safe and I’ll miss you very much..

    Luv CHRISSYxx


  13. Im sad to see you go.
    But also happy that you will be happy what you do.
    Wish you all the best!
    Im sure you will be missed,to me and to all others..
    lots of hugs and love


  14. Oh I will miss you and your awesome creations Vicki!! AND I totally understand, spending time with your husband is top priority. Wishing you all the best and enjoy your new adventures.
    Big hugs, my friend-
    Tammy x


  15. It is very brave of you to make the decision and act on it…..good on you. Enjoy the next chapter with your husband, have fun and make wonderful memories. Thank you for all the fabulous inspiration x. Hugs x


  16. I’m sad to read this, but happy for you at the same time. I missed you a lot the first time you left, but this will be even harder the 2nd time around. Life is short and I hope you and your hubby will enjoy retirement and do the things you’ve looked forward to doing for so long. God speed, and may your future hold all the promise you hoped for! Best wishes and big hugs always! I will miss you…


  17. Ah Vicki, I so wish I would have met you sooner! I am happy for you, I realize the time and energy it must take to keep so many things up and current. From the time I was introduced to you, I have thoroughly enjoyed every post I got to see, and video, and picture of your creations. You surely are a blessing and we all will miss your sweet, generous, beautiful spirit!
    Enjoy this time, be happy and wishes that all your dreams come true! Big virtual bear hug!!


    1. Awe! Now, I just seen this message come up! Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to leave this comment for me!

      You are truly a sweet and caring lady! I will be missing you my friend!

      Crafty hugs,


      Check out my blog: Stamped Smiles

      (freelance papercrafter – contact me if you’re interested in handmade cards!)


  18. What an honour joy it has been to get to know you over the course of 2020, my sweet friend. Thank you for your support of my budding crafting blog, the conversations we shared, and the wonderful inspiration your creations brought my way.

    With all of my heart, I wish you serenity, joy, and wellness as you retire this blog and move onto the next chapter of your life.

    Big hugs,
    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life


  19. Oh sweet friend, I have been worried about you. I saw you poof from Instagram and thought oh no, I’m blocked! But totally respect that you are starting a new venture with your husband and it makes me smile to know that you are going to have a new kind of wonderful! YOU WILL BE MISSED! Gosh I just love your cards so much – but I know you won’t be too too far away 🙂 Big hugs and blessings to you!


  20. I get it! Now you will have time to up and go whenever you want to without worrying about deadlines! Your work is and always has been an inspiration to me and I will miss seeing your projects and cards, but will delight in the fact that you are doing New things with your hubby and enjoying life beyond the Blog! Happy trails to you both!!

    Big Hug


  21. So sorry to read this Vicki you will be truly missed BUT enjoy your life and travelling with your hubby -best wishes to you both and for the New Year and for the next new start on your lives together
    Carol x


  22. How exciting to be able to spend more time with your hubby now he’s retired, wishing you all the happiness with your plans! It’s been so wonderful meeting you here in blogland, it’s been such a pleasure visiting and chatting with you! You are such an inspiration 😀. May all your dreams come true! Hugs, Jo x


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