Blog problems

Hey friends. I seem to be having some issues here and trying to figure things out…sorry if you’re experiencing any problems here. I’ve been contacted by several people about not even able to access the website. Not sure what’s going on. Thank you for taking the time to stop by or to leave a comment. I appreciate it so much!

8 thoughts on “Blog problems

  1. At first I couldn’t access the comment section because I don’t use WordPress, twitter, or facebook, but you fixed it for me and now it works – I just have to type in my email, name and website each time


    1. Carol, next time to leave a comment, see if there is a box below that you can checkmark to have it “remember your information on this site” so you don’t have to enter it each time you come. But you have to make sure that it’s checkmarked to do that. Thank you for taking the time to come here! Really appreciate it!


  2. Four amazing cards, Vicki! I especially love the last two, these are my favorite colors 🙂
    I am very happy that you came back 🙂


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